Seize the Girl (No More Dreams #3)

Placeholder cover for Seize the Girl, by Ben Hourigan, the shattering conclusion to the No More Dreams series

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Seize the Girl is Ben Hourigan’s forthcoming third novel, the third volume of the No More Dreams trilogy, an intellectual epic of contemporary urban love.

Joshua Rivers has now met the girl of his dreams and resolved to take her away from her husband, his friend Anthony Coltrane—whatever it costs him or anyone. At the same time, his worldview, and his relationships with his friends, his family, and his lovers, are at breaking point.

Seize the Girl is the conclusion to the story begun with Kiss Me, Genius Boy and My Generation’s Lament, and the final volume in the No More Dreams series.

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Praise for the series

Just read Berko scene from KMGB. Kick ASS! That scene just earnt me buying vol 2 when it comes out. Lily needs a cape and skin-tight leather pants. Lily needs her own graphic novel. Lily should be immortal, and probably is. Read KMGB so you can meet Lily. I secretly think she is Joshua’s alter-ego. I think she might now also be mine.
—Esme F.

I’ve been telling my friends how refreshing it is to read something by one of my generation, instead of something by someone that’s dead. … Above all I admired the pithy, adroit little maxims on the nature of things.
—Dylan Thorn

Simple, direct but with subtle, thought-provoking passages about self-awareness and one’s relation to life and others. I can’t wait for the next book.
—Aiza C.

A page turner, very funny and unusually honest and frank … Lily really steals the show. A nymphomaniacal exploiter of men and women, a deeply interesting, entertaining and wild character who lights up every page she is on.
—Nicola Gray

Honestly I love it. It made me realize more the complexities and dimensions of love and loving.
—Mary J. T.