New discipline

A long time ago, when blogging was new and cool, I used to update here regularly. When I started work, I ended up getting confused about how to reconcile my relatively frank online persona with what I thought had to be a more sanitized version for public, and particularly workplace, consumption.

Now those days of anxiety might be over. In the intervening years, I finished the first draft of a novel, and started a publishing company,

I’m clearer about my purpose now: it’s to write, and to edit others’ writing, and to publish and to promote writing, not just what I have to sell, but literary culture in general.

To this end, I’ve been doing a variety of things, including building my twitter following and, of course, actually writing and publishing. Blogging more is another part. As I know from my work as the manager of digital operations at Melbourne magazine publisher Architecture Media, content bulk builds search traffic, and over time traffic builds revenue.

“Revenue?” I hear you cry. That’s right: revenue. I want to make a living out of writing one way or another, and that means making money. Making money means bringing good stuff into being, attracting attention to it, and exchanging the stuff (or often, the attention) for cash. Man’s got to live to do his life’s work.

So, the new discipline? Look at experience as a source of things to write about. If I see something, read something, do something, think about something, I’m going to try to blog it. The goal is a post a day. 365 posts a year.

Stay tuned.

Author: Ben Hourigan

Ben Hourigan is a novelist from Melbourne, Australia. His books Kiss Me, Genius Boy and My Generation’s Lament are Amazon category bestsellers, and are available wherever good books are sold online. Ben also works as an editor, copywriter, and self-publishing consultant at his own firm, Hourigan & Co. For news and book release updates, sign up to his email newsletter.