WordPress 2.6 and Freshy

In the absence of genuine content updates, the long-overdue announcement that this site no longer uses WordPress 2.5 or K2, but is now on WordPress 2.6 and a new theme.

I spent several weeks looking for a new base theme for my WordPress sites, and I finally settled on Freshy. Paired with the aptly named Customize plugin, it’s highly and easily customizable. I’ve had a lot of favorable comments from friends on how professional the theme looks. Kudos to designer Julien De Luca.

19 August 2008. A new version of Customize is out that restores widget reordering and fixes other admin interface bugs. There is also a new version of Freshy out (2.0.8), but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’m almost ready to say Freshy users are okay to try upgrading to WP 2.6 (or even 2.6.1, the current version, which I’m now running), but will test the new version of the theme first.
18 August 2008. There are problems with the interaction between Customize (current version, 1.0.2) and WordPress 2.6 that can break some features of your admin interface, particularly the ability to reorder widgets by dragging. Freshy users should hold off upgrading to WordPress 2.6.

Author: Ben Hourigan

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