Ôta, I hardly knew you

Last Tuesday, I confirmed that I had a job interview with Berlitz in Ôsaka, on Thursday. I called in my resignation from NOVA, with one day’s notice, at about 11:30.

By 11:00 the next morning, I’d sent my luggage to a guest-house in Ôsaka, and was on the train to Tôkyô, ready to catch the shinkansen to my destination.

I was only in Ôta for four weeks, and though I felt like I’d exhausted the possibilities I had there, I hardly knew the place at all. But I didn’t want to know it, either: I just wanted to leave.

Sayônara, Ôta-shi.

Here’s one last photo that I took at the Bell Town mall, because now I’m gone, I feel happy. Super!

05-10-04_11-05 copy

Author: Ben Hourigan

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