You could hardly fail to notice that after a flurry of posts, I haven’t made many recently.

In the _World of Warcraft_, players often signify that they are “AFK”: Away From Keyboard. I have been Away From Blog. This is likely to continue. Progress on the second draft of my thesis has been slow. Contributing factors have been:
* a massive procrastination effort on posting to this blog
* discovery of just how compelling _World of Warcraft_ is
* having to negotiate the complexity, subtlety, and maze of alternatives that is _The Chicago Manual of Style_
* having to rewrite my Introduction from scratch

There’s also been quite a lot of activity going on behind the scenes here, in the form of comments and responses to comments on posts, particularly on “End government arts funding now!”:, which started as a throwaway line and turned into a major debate. If you’re not commenting on posts and reading the comments, you’re not getting the most out of this blog: most of the time I can’t help myself from writing massive responses to comments. I am, as a friend of mine recently described another friend, “a comment whore.” If you want some critical attention for your own site, link to me or arrange a trackback or something.

I really need to get some work done, and I’m trying. So in the immediate future, I’ll be concentrating on the thesis, and posting _it_ as the content here. Undoubtedly I won’t be able to stop myself from posting about other things, but I should.

Author: Ben Hourigan

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