Spanking Fashion Parade (review)

*The Incredible Melk’s Spanking Fashion Parade.*

Last night I overcame a bout of lethargy to go out to the Kitten Club and see a show my friend “Mel”: was putting on. It featured some outrageously stylish catwalking from the models (including at least one who really looked like an actual, perfect ten, model), as well as from the contestants in an audience walk-off, the winner of which sadly couldn’t take the drink offered as a prize, because she was underage, but got a huge bowl of fries instead. Mel punctuated proceedings with her hilarious comic songs. I’m such an old-school, _Wired_-style (Wired-style!? I’m only 23!) geek that I’m not confident I know what genre Mel’s music belongs to, but she has used the phrases “hip-hop” and “gyno-rap” to describe her work. Guess I don’t spend enough time down in the ‘hood.

I’d give the show 10/10, because I thought it was great, and because I know the star, but I have to take one mark off to save this review from being a sycophantic plug. I’m really looking forward to “the Incredible Melk’s”: upcoming “Booty Pageant”:

Props to you, Mel.

Author: Ben Hourigan

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