Addendum to yesterday

Yesterday I wrote about the wrong way to relate to the powers of science: to scorn them as inauthentic.

For the curious, I think “Ray Kurzweil has the right idea”:,1286,66585,00.html on this matter, according to a report in _Wired_. Kurzweil expects that within 20 years, humans will have invented the technologies they need to make themselves immortal. I wish I shared his optimism about the time frame: I don’t expect that we will reach this goal within my lifetime. Even so, I think we’ll get there soon, and that it’s probable my children, when I have them, will never have to die.

I have had conversations with people who think immortality would be a bad thing, because it is the authentic nature of humans to die. I think those people are fools. Well, they can die if they want to; if Kurzweil’s right, and I have the choice to live for ever, then I will take it.

I want to be immortal. I want to be an _übermensch_. I want to live in space. I want to be a god.

Author: Ben Hourigan

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