28.59961% geek

I just did “the Geek test”:http://www.innergeek.us, which tells me that I am *only 28.59961% geek.* Apparently this still makes me a “total geek,” but I’m a little disappointed (though also relieved). Only 28.59961%! I think I ought to get at least an extra 0.00001% because these are the main things I’ve done today:

* Written a long email about videogaming on the Mac to a new postgrad in the English department.
* Taken my PC to get repaired, having correctly identified a problem (the smell of burning) with my power supply, though having failed to notice a couple of burned and melted capacitors on the motherboard.
* Posted on my blog four times, including this one, referencing a videogame at least once each time.

And that after cleaning my apartment a little I plan to play some more _World of Warcraft_.

In some ways, though, this is an atypical day, since I’m resting on my laurels after “finishing the first draft of my PhD thesis”:http://benhourigan.com/index.php?p=27. I will, however, shortly be off them, or else end up without either of a PhD or living stipend.

Anyway, “do the test”:http://www.innergeek.us. I can highly recommend it: it’s much less stupid than most of the “self-assessment” tests on the internet, and you won’t feel like it makes you choose between alternatives that are all unsatisfactory. I hope you do better than me, whatever your idea of “better” is in this context.

Author: Ben Hourigan

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